Who's who


Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe

Tel: 01223 279289

Rev. Nick Lowe was inducted as our minister on 13th September 2015.


Girton Baptist Church currently has seven deacons including the secretary and treasurer who along with the minister serve the church in leadership.
Each deacon serves for three years and is elected by the church meeting at the church AGM

Christine Bromwich

Tel: 01223 276545

Christine was re-elected as Deacon in 2016.

Christine Kimmitt

Tel: 01223 575881

Christine was re elected as a deacon in 2015

Jen Mills

Tel: 01223 277747 / 07843 247077

Jen was re appointed as a deacon in 2015 and is our Lighthouse keeper (Sunday School) Team Leader.

Virginia Rootham-Smith

Tel: 01223 520442

Virginia has been Church Secretary since May 2014.

Tina Stephens

Tel: 01954 204610

Tina was re-appointed as Church Treasurer at AGM 2015

Pete Smith

Tel: 01223 236777 // 07877059317

Pete was elected as a deacon in 2016.

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