Sermon notes by Rev Nick Lowe (Please note that these are notes, and likely contain typos)

Romans 1v5-13 – The grace of God and Paul’s longing to visit Rome
Romans 1v14-20 – Paul’s three ‘I am’ statements
Romans 1v17-23 – Sin and the wrath of God
Romans 1v21-27 – Idolatry and sexual fallenness 
Romans 1v28-31 – Paul’s list of vices
Romans 1v32-2v5 – A collective rebellion against God (1:32)
Romans 2v6-2v16 – Relying on your own righteousness  (part 2&3) 
Romans 2v17-29 – Relying on your own religion – the Jew  
Romans 3v1-12 – There is no-one righteous! 
Romans 3v10-20 – The sin of evil speech 
Romans 3v9-12 – All are under sin 
Romans 3v19-31 – Faith and Law 
Romans 4v1-5 – Abraham justified by faith
Romans 4v6-8 – David was justified by faith 
Romans 4v9-12 – Renewal/The ingathering of the gentiles/Replacement theology 
Romans 4v13-25 – The promise of God
Romans 5v1-11 – An introduction to walking in the Spirit 
Romans 5v1-21 – Adam the disobedient one – Jesus the Obedient One  
Romans 6v1 – The place of the law in the life of the believer
Romans 6v1-14 – Dead to Sin – Alive to God 
Romans 6v15-19 – Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Part 1.
Romans 6v20-7v6 – Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Part 2. 
Romans 7v13-25 – Did that which is good, then, bring death to me? By no means!
Romans 7v7-12 – The Law is holy / Using the Law Lawfully (1Timothy 1:8)
Romans 8v1-4 – There is now no condemnation!
Romans 8v1-17 – Living by the Spirit
Romans 8v12-30 – Our Adoption as God’s Children
Romans 8v16-39 – Suffering
Romans 8v18-30 – Eschatology – the study of the end times & Christ’s return
Romans 8v22-27 – We who have the firstfruits of the Spirit groan inwardly
Romans 8v28-39 – More than conquerors 
Romans 9v1-6 – Paul’s heart for unbelieving Israel 
Romans 9v6-13 – God’s Elect of Israel, and us! 
Romans 9v14 – The Justice of God – 1
Romans 9v15-16 – The Justice of God – 2 / Paul’s First Illustration – God is more than just.
Romans 9v17-18 – The Justice of God
Romans 9v19-24 – He is the Potter, we are the clay
Romans 9v30-33 – It’s all about Jesus 
Romans 10v1-13 – Salvation by faith in Jesus 
Romans 10v14-21 – How beautiful are the feet 
Romans 11v1-10 – The Believing Remnant
Romans 11v11-14, 25-28 – God’s faithfulness to Israel, and to us!
Romans 11v16-24 – The Olive Tree – The Hebraic Roots of our Faith
Romans 11v28-12v2 – Renewing of the mind: Learning to trust God
Romans 12v1 – The mercies of God
Romans 12v1b – Our Spiritual Worship
Romans 12v3 – (1Timothy 1:12-16) Grace and Humility
Romans 12v4-8 – A witnessing community
Romans 12v9-21 – Our Christian Witness
Romans 13v1-7 – Submission to the Authorities
Romans 13v8-10 – Love is the fulfilment of the Law
Romans 13v11-14 – A new Day is dawning 
Romans 14v1 – Who are the weak in faith?
A note on the Edict of Claudius
Romans 14 – Why were the weak in faith vegetarian?
Romans 14v5-9 – What are the special days, and what are they not? 
Romans 14v10-12 – Discipleship
Romans 14v13-23 – Be considerate to one another
Romans 15v1-7 – Christ in the Scriptures
Romans 15v8-13 – Hope
Romans 15v14-22 – Concluding remarks
Romans 15v22-24 – Transitions in our lives
Romans 15v25-29
Romans 15v30-33 – Answered prayer!
Romans 16v1-2 – Phoebe
Romans 16v3-5a – Aquila and Pricilla
Romans 16v5b – Epaenetus
Romans 16v6-7,12 – Doing our part. The role of Apostles.
Romans 16v8-11,13-16 – House churches and home groups
Romans 16v10,13, 17-20 – Unity among the believing congregations of the Lord
Romans 16v21-23 – Serving the Lord in the ways He has gifted us
Romans 16v25-27 – The doxology and a summary of Romans

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