For visiting preachers

Church location: Location: 103 High Street, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0QQ (See map).

Morning service: Sundays 10:30am (doors open by 10:10am). 

A limited amount of parking is available outside the church. The fit are encouraged to park on Manor Farm Road — a 5-minute walk away (north of the church).

Our church website is at: here (but then you already know that or you wouldn’t be reading this!). Here you can find statements about what we believe.

We hold weekly services. The 10:30am Sunday morning service is typically attended by around 35 people on a typical day. We may have a handful of children, some weeks we have none. We include holy communion in the first and third morning of the month, integral with the service.

We may suggest a theme and a main bible reading in order to provide continuity between services.   We appreciate it if you would follow this suggestion,  but not at the expense of following the Sprit’s leading in a different direction.

The order of service is entirely up to the leader/preacher. Having said that, it is usually an alternation of hymns/songs with readings, prayer and an address. The children leave somewhere in the middle of the morning service (typically after an offering).

We have a volunteer to read and a volunteer to lead intercessory prayer.

We have an computer and digital projector and services are also on Zoom. Please let Adrian ( know the order of service by first thing on Saturday to ensure that the words are available for projection. If you want to provide your own material for presentation, that is fine too. We have music and video performance licenses from CCLI. We have a wireless “flicker” to move the presentation on. If you are not happy to drive this during the service we will find somebody to do so.

We normally sing from Mission Praise (the “Complete” version, 2-volume 2nd Edition). Please try to limit your selection to songs from this source. If you want a particular song not in the book, please check with your accompanist. We sing both modern songs and traditional hymns – typically a mix of both during a service.

We have two regular keyboard players and an electronic keyboard that has a good piano sound. The regular players are Christine Kimmit and Adrian Stephens. Please let your keyboard player know the order of service as early as possible (a week’s notice is appreciated) so that they can practice. Adrian will let you know who is playing for your service and provide contact details.  

Before the service, one of the Deacons will share prayer with you in the vestry. The doors will generally be open 20-30 minutes before the start of the service.

Finally, thank you very much for serving the Lord and this fellowship with your leadership and preaching.

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